Learning Disabilities Assn of New Zealand ~ Member Organisation :-


Welcome to Learning for You South Canterbury

  • L4U South Canterbury provides support for children/teenagers with difficulties in Reading, Writing, Spelling, Maths, Dyslexia / Dyscalculia
  • L4U can recommend LDANZ registered SLD teachers qualified to teach students with specific learning differences (SLD/ Dyslexia)
  • L4U can arrange recognized cognitive and educational assessments including those that may be required to support NZCEA examinations conditions.
  • L4U operates in South Canterbury and North Otago
  • L4U is a member organisation of LDANZ (Learning Disabilities Association of NZ)
  • L4U is a charitable not–for–profit organisation

Learning for You (L4U) is an organisation of parents/caregivers, teachers, and those people with an interest in SLD/dyslexia. It’s purpose is to better understand SLD/dyslexia,  and provide support for students with SLD (Specific Learning Difficulties)/dyslexia and those who have contact with these young people.

When Speld NZ restructured in 2011, Speld South Canterbury voted to become an autonomous member organisation of LDANZ (Learning Disabilities Association of New Zealand). Several other areas of New Zealand also made a similar decision. Being affiliated to LDANZ ensures that L4U provides a quality professional service, especially in the area of providing tuition for students.