Our Teachers

Joy Hall                      (03) 688 8952
Bridget Wilson         (03) 929 2943
Bev Wilton                (03) 688 3994
Barbara Woods        (03) 688 6973
Cathi Manning         (03) 689 4866 





L4U Learning Disability teachers:

  • are specialists in helping students with learning difficulties including DYSLEXIA
  • are classroom teachers who have completed studies in learning disabilities
  • provide students with an individual learning programme based on assessment results
  • are registered with a professional learning disabilities association
  • must keep up-to-date with new research into learning disabilities, and attend professional development
  • are always ready to support and help students achieve their potential

Tuition is usually arranged for students following an  educational and cognitive assessment.

Lessons are taken on an individual basis, and planned to meet the needs of the student as indicated by an assessment. These lessons generally last one hour.

Most teachers take  students  for lessons at school during the day. Lessons may also be conducted at the home of the teacher.

For information on SLD-Dyslexia teacher training contact Bev 688 3994. LDANZ has an online training course available.

If you have any queries regarding lessons, with or without an assessment, contact Joy on phone (03) 688 8952 or Bev on phone (03) 688 3994